Top 7 best Shopify upsell apps to boost your sales rapidly

Aug 31, 2020

If you are looking around the upselling solutions, check out these 7 best upsell apps to boost your sales and increase marketing ROI immediately!

According to the book Marketing Metrics, the likelihood of a company to sell to the existing customer is 60% to 70%, meanwhile, that for a new one is only 5%-20%. Therefore, it's crucial to use some sales techniques to encourage customers to spend more on your shop, one of them is upselling.

Upselling helps us encourage customers to buy a more expensive and costly version of the chosen item or other add-ons to create a larger sale. Especially in eCommerce businesses such as Shopify, the use of upselling and cross-selling techniques in product pages, pop-ups, checkout, or post-purchase has become the life-and-death solution to maximize their revenues.

Honeycomb UpsellFunnels - Best upsell apps for post-purchase and in cart funnels

Honeycomb Upsell Funnels is a useful product of Conversion Bear. It helps businesses by offering cart & post-purchase deals and discounts when a customer is reaching to checkout. Moreover, it also increases our average order value (AOV) without needing too much traffic to your shops.

Using AI Recommendation Engine, Honeycomb Upsell Funnels gives us the ability to customize compelling upsell and cross-sell deals on the thank you page (order summary) and on your cart page as well as browse order’s history to come up with the upsell offers to your product, then track sales results. In addition, it is also a mobile-friendly app that makes your products display nicely on mobile platforms.


Key feature

  • Post-purchase and Cart page upsell funnels
  • Fast CDN based performance.
  • AI recommendation engine
  • Best deals and discounts, free shipping, etc
  • Analyzing and trạking results of conversion rate, ROI, AOV, Revenue, and more.

Price: 7-day free trial; Free; and from 44.99$ for updated version

Rating: 5/5

XO Gallery - Best upsell apps for optimizing your pictures to increase sales

The best and sustainable way to upsell an existing customer and even a new one is to improve your product image’s quality. Therefore, XO Gallery from Xopify is certainly the best choice to make your gallery more colorful and attractive.

Unlimited images in unlimited galleries can be added by an easy uploading process of this app. Moreover, XO Gallery also provides you numerous outstanding features to customize your gallery greatly. Not only that, XO Gallery is also one of the mobile-first responsive apps that focus on customer-centricity when gorgeously showing your gallery no matter what kinds of devices you and your guests are using.

Key feature

  • Unlimited images in unlimited galleries
  • Support multiple galleries on the single page
  • Bulk image upload
  • Fast loading
  • Mobile responsive


Price: 7-day free trial; Free; and from 5.85$ for updated version

Rating: 4.8/5

ReConvert Upsell & CrossSell - Best upsell app for designing Thank-you page

ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell is invented by StilyoApps. This app focuses on customizing your thank you page with the straightforward drag and drop interface. Moreover, they also collect the customer info as their birthdays, checkout upsell, cross-sell & order tracking effectively by using surveys to increase your subscribers as well as potential customers.

Last but not least, they also support different payment platforms such as PayPal, Shopify Payments, Sezzle, Klarna, AfterPay & Stripe, which make customers easier to use.

Key feature

  • Customize thank you pages and set discount pop-ups with countdown timer
  • Product recommendations upsell & cross-sell
  • Collect customer birthday
  • Reorder and call to action button
  • Order tracking with 17track - like Arrive


Price: 30-day free trial; Free; and from 7.99$ for updated version

Rating: 5/5

Frequently Bought Together - Best upsell app for Amazon-like recommended products

Frequently Bought Together is introduced by Code Black Belt. It has many interesting features, especially it makes your customers experience as great as they do when browsing Amazon. For example, they can add a bunch of related products with just one single click.

Furthermore, 1+ billion orders and 80+ million products have been learned by its AI which enables them to give the best product recommendations that meet the insight of every customer to boost your shop sales.

Key feature

  • One-click upsell
  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Option to skip cart, redirecting to the checkout
  • Multiple recommendation algorithms
  • Bundle Discount Upsell


Price: 30-day free trial; and from 7.99$ for updated version

Rating: 4.9/5

In Cart Upsell - Best upsell app for in cart upsell without popups

Without annoying pop-ups when products are put in the cart, In Cart upsell is certainly the best choice inside your store. By doing differently in this aspect, your customers may feel more encouraged to purchase more, then increase your order value.

In Cart Upsell also uses an Autopilot system which can suggest the promising products that customers are in need based on the location and quantity of the items in the shopper's cart. For instance,it can automatically give deals such as Buy 2 / Get 1 Free, Buy 3 / Get A Bonus and more to make perfectly targeted offers.


Key feature

  • Targeted, popup-free upsells
  • AI-powered autosuggest
  • New discount features
  • Advanced targeting features

Price: 5-day free trial; Free and from 19.99$ for updated version

Rating: 4.9/5

Discounted Upsells‑Cross Sell - Best upsell app for discounts

Discounted Upsells‑ Cross-Sell is released by Booster Apps. This provides customers with profitable discounts that make them wow. Moreover, they also support shops with effective Shopify sales channels and inventory management.

One more of its benefits is that it is very easy to set up. It offers store-owner no coding necessary and no duplicate variants, unlike other apps!


Key feature

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell
  • Excellent replacement for ClickFunnels (Click Funnels)
  • Less than a minute to get set up

Price: 7-day free trial; From 19.99$ for updated version

Rating: 4.7/5

Upsell Recommendations - Best upsell app for store optimization

Upsell Recommendations, produced by Innonic is a wonderful tool to up your sales. It is regarded as the 100% free Amazon-like personalized app that helps your shop generate automatic recommendations as well as conversion rates indirectly.

Moreover, you can also get unlimited recommendations until your shops get great results in upsell. This is a very good point to increase your sales in the long-term.

Key feature

  • 3 widget placements: Homepage, Product page, and Cart page widgets.
  • 3 recommendation algorithms
  • Customizable position


Price: Free

Rating: 4.6/5