Top 6 excellent image optimizer app for an outstanding shop on Shopify

Sep 3, 2020

In this blog, we will share with you about 6 best image optimizer apps that you can use to compress images, create your own image formats, and various SEO-friendly product pictures on your own.

If you are a Shopify shop owner, let’s take time to think about how much time it takes for visitors to load your website?

If the answer is more than 3 seconds, you are likely to lose more than 40% of potential visitors as well as customers. This statistic also shows that even just 1 second of a page load slowdown can reduce 7% of conversions or sales of your business. For example, Amazon has estimated that one delay in page response could cost them $1.6 billion in sales each year.

So what can you do to optimize your online store, make it load quicker and easier for every visitor? One of the most practical ways to optimize your product images before posting in so that you can effectively boost your store’s loading times and make it faster and faster. Let’s check out 6 best image optimizer apps below now!

TinyIMG SEO Image Optimizer - Best image optimizer app for ALT text, PNG to JPG.

TinyIMG SEO Image Optimizer is a popular product of Sales Squad which enables you to enhance your Shopify Store’s images and automate the process of producing alt tags as well as image titles to promote SEO and increase your website traffic. By using Image Optimizer, your product images can be automatically optimized and uploaded to your Shopify store


Moreover, you can also boost your website speed with different compression methods such as lossless image compression or invisible image quality reduction without reducing their quality. You can also restore your images to the original version at any time, and optimize images manually too.

Besides, it also provides you with the best image file format analysis so that you can automatically select the best suitable image format which is much suitable and match your website.

Price: Free; Minimum $0.99 per month


SEO Booster ‑ SEO Marketing - Best image optimizer app for Google SEO

SEO Image Optimizer is a premier SEO app designed by Booster Apps. It is invented based on the potential of the second most-used search engine - Google images, therefore, you can find many useful features to optimize your website image as well as automate your SEO in this app.


For this app, it can help you reduce a huge amount of time researching and implementing your SEO plan by doing automatically technical optimizations such as complete SEO Optimization, Meta tag optimization as well as alt-text optimization

Price: Free; 18.99 for the upgraded version

Rate: 4,8/5

Crush - Best image optimizer app for Image Compression

Image Optimizer + Compression is invented by Space Squirrel Ltd.which specializes in Crushpics that automate your image compression process. Thanks to the diverse service of this product, you can easily optimize your SEO images, compress them, and improve your website loading speed. This app improves your websites by removing unnecessary data from the images and providing them with a new one that looks almost similar to their original but takes less time to download. Moreover, they also help you rename your images and ALT tags to describe the product so that your images can be categorized more effectively by the search engines. Image

Additionally, not only can be used for product images but it also supports you with your assets (the images that make up your store’s theme) to make them more optimizable.

Price: Free; Minimum $4.99 per month for the upgraded version

Rate: 4,7/5

Image Optimizer - Best image optimizer app for Image SEO Optimization

Image Optimizer is a useful and popular tool from Image Optimizer company that offers you various options for not only optimizing your product images but also better your SEO effects. Similar to all the apps mentioned above, they also help us in image compression, alt text optimization, filename optimization, etc that enables us to waste the minimum time on posting our products as well as reduce the website loading slowdown.


More than that, the feature of automatically converting PNG to JPG is excellent. As we all know, Shopify stores often take priority on JPEG images because they provide the best quality for the smallest file size (Note: Shopify automatically serves WebP images). The PNG picture is only preferable for images with a transparent background. As a result, thanks to this feature, we can dramatically decrease up to 80% file size of the original one.

Price: Free; Minimum $4.99 per month for the upgraded version

Rate: 4,9/5

SEO Image Optimizer Pro ‑ Best image optimizer app for the automatic SEO boost

SEO Image Optimizer Pro is created by Crucial Commerce Apps - a leading company in SEO solutions software company that gives customers many SEO optimizer options. This software focuses on the greatest SEO boost by automatically adding alt-text that tells Google what keywords your images should rank for in their search results.


Moreover, the setup of this app is very simple, the optimization process also only takes you less than 30 seconds and the result is extremely incredible. One of the great points of this tool is completely free and forever. As a result, this app would be your great choices for attracting more organic research for your website

Price: Free

Rate: 4,7/5

SEO Image Optimizer & Resizer - Best image optimizer app for Resizer

SEO Image Optimizer & Resizer is published by SpurIT, this is regarded as a 3-in-1 app: SEO image resizer, SEO image compression and image alt text optimization. It is also very convenient for you to schedule image alt tag changes, image resizing, and photo size compression.


Furthermore, you can also choose images manually or bulk compress all images to start the optimization which certainly helps you save a lot of valuable time and better your SEO results. Last but not least, by using this app, you can easily compare the results of optimization with a preview option and automatically edit photos for newly added product images.

Price: Free; Minimum $8.95 per month for the upgraded version

Rate: 4,6/5