Best Shopify apps to create stunning gallery in 2019

Feb 12, 2019

We have made a list of some of the must-have Shopify apps to add stunning galleries to your store for 2019, sure to drive sales and growth.

Shopify is a great and simple way to launch an online shop where customers can easily purchase your products and store owner manages payment, checkout and shipping. To encourage customers to buy your products, image gallery is necessary to display and introduce more about the items. If you want to showcase images of your products in unique and interesting ways, then you should check out these Shopify apps. These apps allow you to create beautiful image and video galleries with great and powerful features like easy customization, social media integration, shoppable designs, and more. Some are free and some are premium, so you can consider which one suits your needs the most.

XO Gallery

Designed to make it easy for you to add mobile responsive image galleries to your Shopify store, XO Gallery is a perfect solution to quicken the process of creating custom image galleries. With its simple upload process, it hardly takes any effort at all to add your images to the galleries. Grid and masonry may be the two most trending layout for image gallery, and both are supported with XO Gallery.

You’ll be able to do a lot more with this plugin, including adding caption and link for each image, setting light-box, appearing and hovering effect and more. As this is a highly mobile-friendly gallery builder tool, it also allows you to modify your galleries on different screen modes.

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Photo Gallery by POWr

This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a powerful free tool for creating photos galleries. Not only is it easy to use but it’s also packed with useful features to help you effortlessly publishing your custom gallery for your shopify store. It offers the modern grid layout which can be beautifully display on all devices with different screen sizes. There are many customization options to help you get your galleries looking exactly how you want such as image caption, call-to-action button, light box pop-up, text font, border. With those features, it is definitely worth a closer look.

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Cozy Image Gallery

Cozy has become one of the most well-known Shopify gallery apps thanks to its power and flexibility. If you try out this app, you’ll see why this tool has become so popular. With this app, you have the ability to add unlimited galleries with unlimited images then embed in any page without difficulty. For each image, you have 3 custom option including lightbox, a link and a caption. You can easily organize images in grid layout which is fully mobile responsive to cater to smartphone and tablet users. And a bunch of hover effects is also a great feature that makes your gallery more dynamic and lively.

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Lookbook gallery ‑ Gallerify

Lookbook is another powerful tool which allows you to quickly add sophisticated image gallery into your shopify store. With one click install button, you will never go wrong with set up step. This amazing app offers vảious awesome layouts for your galleries: slider, list, grid, masonry and square with 2, 3 or 4 columns. Simple drag and drop principle will make the image reorder process easily and quickly. You can even add product tags in lookbook gallery, so customers can directly purchase them from gallery.

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Shop Instagram & UGC

This awesome app allows you to display a beautiful image gallery from your Instagram account. You can create galleries by combining both @usernames and #hashtags and choose from 4 available beautiful layouts. Images can be opened in a pop-up, so visitors do not need to leave your site. The app allows you to add product tags as well as link to make a shoppable image gallery. Thus, products can be easily added to cart right when they are being viewed. It is completely responsive so your galleries will adapt to any screen solution, no matter what size of the screen is

Get the App here ‑ Instagram Gallery is a big Shopify app that helps your photographs and image galleries really stand out on the screen. This awesome application lets you customize the look of your Instagram collections with ease. Yet, it also invite customers to upload their own photos and reward them with a discount. Especially, it can automatically generate product galleries if those items are tagged, which is for easier discovery of visitors. Then they can directly purchase your products inside the gallery

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InstaShop: Shoppable Instagram

As its name, this application will help you to fetch Instagram images to create an gallery quickly without any hassle. It has 2 versions: the free version supports Slider and Grid layout and Premium version offers Collage layout also. Yet, you can pin links to your products for customers to shop right with free version. Prices can be displayed in premium version only. It is very easy to set up and manage. You can consider the version which suit your needs and purchase the premium if needed. Everything is user-friendly, so your image galleries will be fully responsive

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Product Image Gallery & zoom

Once the app is active on your Shopify store, the existing image section in product page will be automatically replaced with a beautiful gallery. The gallery can be an animated one, slider or carousel, depending on your choice. Resize image option is also available if you would like to make your site load faster. Especially, the app support both image and video, which make your gallery more attractive along with nice animation effects. Besides, it is developed with many other great features such as auto image rotation, responsiveness and displaying variant-specific images

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YouTube + Vimeo Video Gallery

This is an other good value Shopify app that let you create stunning images and video galleries. It support the 2 most popular video channels: YouTube and Vimeo. With gallery and album functionality included in the free version, you have a few different options. Upgrading to paid versions to unlock many customizing options including lightbox popup, alt text, social media sharing buttons and many more. The app definitely isn’t short of features, many of which you can see in action on the app page

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Widgetic (Mosaic Gallery)

Widgetic is an affordable Shopify gallery application with quite a lot of customization options. It has 4 layouts to help you find the right look for your galleries: mosaic, grid, list, and masonry. With premium version, you will get more options to customize gallery's style as per your needs like lightbox preview, call-to-action button, external javascript support and dynamic content. The app features a responsive design and works perfectly on tablet, mobile, and desktop.

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Spice Image Gallery

With many options take advantage of, Spice is a considerable application for your shopify product gallery. It is very simple and quick to get your gallery set up and been ready to insert into your website. You can create as many galleries as you want with unlimited photos uploaded. Enable lightbox to view images in real size, select hover effect, adding caption and link for each image are other notable features of the app. Spice is fully mobile friendly. Due to this, there’s no need to worry about your galleries being viewable on smaller screen devices

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